why you buy nakto electric bike?

About Nakto Electric Bikes,why you buy nakto electric bike?
Nakto electric bikes have been industry leaders in manufacturing the most diverse collection of consumer e-bikes on the market. Boasting step-through electric bikes, off road fat tire bikes and also urban commuter foldable models like the Nakto Skylark, they’ve got them all.

Naktos collection boasts their best seller, the Nakto Fat Tire Cruiser. With a traditional fat tire design, this all terrain electric bike features an on-demand throttle and a 28-mile range. Or upgrade to the mega Nakto Fat tire Cruiser edition for a little more power! Naktos electric bike collection is well tailored to bike riders looking for an easy cruise down beachfront boulevards or around town. This awesome e-bike collection includes market pioneers the City Classic, Naktos Camel Step-through and the Nakto Elegance

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Acceleration was seen as impressive.
The Camel delivered a comfortable and fun ride.
Some buyers were delighted with the response from customer service.
The single level of assist delivered ample power.

nakto electric bike

10+ reasons to buy nakto electric bike

  • Security was enhanced by the use of a key to power on and off.
  • Buyers said the Camel was offered at a good price.
  • For a number of buyers, packaging was sound.
  • Owners admired the white gloss paintwork.
  • Padded saddles were comfortable for a number of riders.
  • An 18mph top speed was reported, without assistance.
  • Assembly was described as simple, using online videos.
  • Mileage was as high as 30 miles, off a full battery charge.
  • After 8 months of ownership, one owner had no problems with their bike.
  • A tester found the Camel rode smoothly at higher speeds.
  • The sturdy rear rack was well-liked by owners.
    • Heavier riders found the Camel handled their weight easily.

10+ reasons not to buy nakto electric bike

      • The Camel’s steel frame made it heavy and difficult to pedal unpowered.
      • The single level of assist ramps up to full power immediately.
      • Customer service failed to fulfil promises of replacement parts.
      • More than one new Camel arrived missing vital components.
      • Charging units sometimes failed soon after purchase.
      • Motors sometimes failed within days or weeks of use.
      • The Camel struggled up steep hills.
      • Numerous owners found the kickstand difficult to use.
      • Using generic instructions and online videos, assembly could be difficult.
      • The Camel sometime blew fuses, soon after purchase.
        nakto electric bike

The Nakto Camel uses a heavy steel frame and doesn’t feature disc brakes. This is one of the reasons that it can be offered for so low a price. It’s designed for casual city riding and reviewers said it suited this purpose. It’s top speed was widely recognized as a decent 18mph. It isn’t terrible but it isn’t high-end. Most buyers received a functioning e-bike. Durability varied widely between customers.

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